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A multi-disciplinary designer, technologist and thought leader who thrives solving hard problems. With a refined ability to create and execute strategy,  I contribute to the success of an organization with the skill of a proven design leader, developing AI-driven software and experiences for large scale, commercial businesses.

Mark Davis Design
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From greener buildings to smarter products to mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk software helps our customers to design and make a better world for all.
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Using design (and imagination) to solve hard problems.

The right skills for any project

I am a product vision and strategy expert, with experience working at the senior executive levels of  leading multinationals across broad  industries. I know how to navigate within large and small organizations, to make change happen and get big things done.

Product Vision and Strategy
Executive Leadership
Organizational Navigation
I use the best tools for the project or develop my own

My portfolio includes engineering   
ski lifts to smartphones ... from designing software for engineers to animators and architects. I create new and emerging  technologies using AI . I  develop proprietary insights that can create new businesses.

A Diverse Design Portfolio
IP for Emerging Technology
Business Innovation & Insights
An innovative mindset to push the boundaries

I understand how to build and lead creative, fast moving and diverse teams. I have the credibility and entrepreneurial leadership to negotiate and deliver on research collaborations directly with customers, leading to industry breakthroughs and new capability.

Collaborative Leadership
Entrepreneurial Credibility
Customer-Centric Innovation

bringing leadership, passion, and creativity.

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Product Designer

A few of my projects, out in the world.

As a product designer, I  have years of experience creating award-winning physical products, digital experiences and services. I've been fortunate to work with a diverse range of incredible talent, from  startup founders to  leading  executives in the most innovative and successful companies.  


The word on the street

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Mark is versatile. As a CEO, my most valuable people were people I could trust to start up new initiatives or go in and fix departments or businesses. Mark is that kind of guy. I trust him to start new things and figure out how to make them work. He can take it to the basket and dunk it.

Darrel Rhea
Founder, Rhea Insights
Dr. Francesco Iorio

Mark taught me a significant amount about turning ideas into reality, especially so with generative technologies. From brokering high profile relationships to managing internal and external stakeholders, from negotiations with key accounts to managing key technical personnel, Mark is a rare ideation to execution professional.

Dr. Francesco Iorio  
CEO, Augmenta
Erin Bradner @ Autodesk

Mark is a systems thinker and system builder. At Autodesk, he incubated the generative design technology from a white paper, to a prototype, to a breakthrough innovation that's now used by designers worldwide. Mark Davis = big vision + big impact + zero ego.

Dr. Erin Bradner
Strategic Foresight, Autodesk
Eric Klein

Mark forces you to bring your "A" game through intelligent questions, thoughtful opinions, and valuable insights.  He is a someone people follow between companies because they know  he builds great teams that are innovative and fun.

Eric Klein
Founder, Lemnos Labs
Michael Bergin @ Higharc

Mark initiated world-first technologies in generative design. He brokered deep partnerships with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mercedes F1 and others. Mark is a world-class designer, builder, negotiator, idea generator and 'get it done' operator. I am lucky to know him as a mentor and friend.

Michael Bergin
VP Product, Co-Founder, Higharc
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Frequently asked questions

What type of projects do you work on?
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I prefer  'impossible" projects, those with both technical and design challenges...that if successful, will have a measurable impact on an  industry. I thrive working on early, conceptual design of new products, but with pressure and a deadline to develop, test and ship.   

What type of people do you work with?
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I have been fortunate to work with  teams in start-ups, VC's, private equity and stealth, but also established big tech companies, national labs and leading universities.

How do we engage on a project?
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By setting up an introductory call. Let's align on the strategic priorities for the project and assess the desired and required outcomes, deliverables, resources, and criteria for success. We can discuss if we need to bring in additional talent from my network or yours.

What brings you the most satisfaction?
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Personally, my most rewarding projects have been those that help real people in need: health care and medical tech, affordable housing and sustainable energy. I feel a sense of responsibility to pass on a better world to the next generation.

What is your design process?
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I  start by developing a deep understanding of the user, the opportunity and the problem to be solved. Primary and secondary research is at the core of making sure we are building the right product. We create and iterate on prototypes until we get it right.

What are your metrics for success?
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It is all about business impact. By establishing clear, measurable goals, we track our success and learn as we go. Common metrics include customer adoption, increased productivity and user satisfaction.

How do you think about the future?
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I am a pragmatic optimist with a body of research around future technology, business, geo-political trends, and people....with user centered design at the core.

What time zones do you work in?
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I work from the San Francisco Bay Area (PST). I have clients and colleagues on the East Coast, Europe and Asia. I always insure projects move forward with urgency.